Our Work in Health

Young Champions Outreach¬† programs and activities¬† address health and physical fitness in a positive, pro-active way. With over 33 percent of today’s youth being overweight or obese, it is imperative that youth sports and recreation activities address the merits of physical fitness for all stages of life. Healthy children are better able to concentrate in school, achieve higher grades and participate more fully in life.

Young Champions Outreach understands that a healthy child can accomplish so much more. The unique curriculum of the classes takes this fact into account. The classes develop specific skills and nurture self-confidence as well as emphasize and promote physical fitness. Young Champions Outreach is proud to be part of this important effort. Physical fitness also requires dedication. Laying the foundation at early ages through our activities, we instill in the students that vital commitment. For some, our classes provide their only exposure to a healthy lifestyle.